Foster Application


Please note before you apply:  We require that all your dogs and cats be up to date on required vaccinations and that they be spayed or neutered, unless there is a medical reason.  We will call your vet to check!  This is for the safety of your animals as well as the foster dogs.  We know that different animals can legitimately be on different vaccination schedules, so please feel free to explain your situation.  Also, before you fill out the form, please make sure you have permission from your landlord, apartment manager, spouse, and/or roommates!

City ________________________ State_____________ Zip_________________
Home Phone ______________________Work Phone ______________________
Cell phone______________________  
Date of Birth _______________________    DL (State/#) ____________________
Email Address: ____________________________________________________  
** Email is usually our main form of communication - please check often! **

Please list two personal references (not relatives) and their relationships to you:
Name _______________________________
Relationship ___________________
Phone ______________                                

Name _______________________________
Relationship ___________________      
Phone ______________

Current or last Veterinarian:
Name _____________________________
Phone _________________________________
Name under which records are listed _________________________________

How many adults live in your home? ___________________________
Do you have any children that live in your home or visit frequently? ___________
How many? _____      What are their ages? __________
Have they been around dogs? _________________________
Does everyone in the household agree to fostering?   _________
Do you or anyone living in your household have allergies to animals?  _______________
Is anyone in your home afraid of dogs? ______­­­­­­­_______


Type of residence (e.g., single family home, apartment, etc.)  _____________

Do you have a fenced yard?  ___________________________

Do you have the ability to keep your foster dog separate from other pets if needed? How? _______________________________________________________

Do you have a pool?   ________________ If so, is it fenced?_______________________

If you move within the area, would you be able to take your foster dog(s) with you? _______________________________________________________________________

Do you own, rent, or live with parents/other family? ______________

If you rent, please answer the following questions.  If you do not know the answers, please find out before submitting the application.  We do not have backup foster homes, so if it turns out that you tell us you can have an 80 lb. dog (for example), we need to know that is true!

Do you have permission from your landlord to have a dog?  _______

Have you paid the pet deposit fee, if any?  _____________

Is there a limit to the number of animals your landlord permits? If so, what is it?  _____

Does your landlord have any weight or breed restrictions?  If so, explain.  _______________________________________________

Landlord’s name and phone number: ______________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________


Please list all animals living in your home, including small pets like rabbits or hamsters and also livestock such as chickens, horses or goats.

Animal Name  Species            Age     Years Owned       Where is she/he kept?        Neutered?

If any dogs or cats are not spayed/neutered please explain why _____________________

Are your pets up to date on shots?  If not, explain: _________________________

Do your pets have any health or behavioral problems?  Explain the issue and how you are addressing it (we don’t expect anyone to be perfect, but we need to know so we can make a good match).  ______________________________________________________

Explain how your animals get along with animals they do not know __________________


Why do you want to foster a dog? _________________________________________

Sex preference (male, female, or either)?  ___________________________

Are you willing to foster more than one dog at a time? __________ 

Can you transport your foster pet to weekend adoption events? ________________

Size preference or exclusions (if any) and reason:  __________________________________

Breed preference or exclusions (if any) and reason:  _________________________________

Are you willing to foster:
______ Senior                         _______ Orphan puppies                    ______ Mother and puppies
______Special needs animal (e.g., in treatment for heartworm disease)

When can you start fostering (date)? ________________________________

Are you planning to travel in the next few months, and if so, will you need a relief foster home during that time?  Yes _____        No _______   Dates: _____________________________

How many hours will your foster dog be alone? __________________________________

Where will you keep your foster dog when you are not home? ________________________________________________________________________

Have you had experience with any of the following:
*** Experience is not necessary to be approved as a foster home.  This information just helps us match you with the right pet for your home.
Crate training _______________                   House training ____________
Obedience training ________                         Bottle feeding puppies ____________
Modifying behavior problems _____________________________________________
If you do not have experience, are you interested in learning about any?  Which?  _________________________________________________________________


_______ I will allow a rescue representative to visit my home (by appointment)

_______ I understand that the sponsoring rescue will provide medical care, food, and necessary equipment and I agree to use them as instructed.

_____  I agree to follow instructions provided by the sponsoring rescue for the care of my foster dog.

_____  I understand that the foster dog belongs to the sponsoring rescue and that veterinary care will be provided only with the rescue’s approval.

_____  I agree to communicate regularly and clearly with the sponsoring rescue about any concerns or questions I have about my foster dog and to provide updates and information that will help the pet find the best possible adoptive home.

_____  I understand that it may take several days or weeks for my foster dog to adjust to my home and I will be patient and follow instructions!

_____  I will follow instructions about introducing my foster dog to my current animals and to family members.  This is necessary to ensure a successful transition and keep everyone safe.

_____  If I cannot keep my foster dog for any reason, I understand that in most cases, there is no backup foster home and it may take days or weeks for the right home to be available.  I will keep my foster pet while the rescue looks for a new foster home. 
                        Please understand:  We will do everything we can to find a new home as quickly as possible and to help you while we are looking, but if you cannot cope with a challenging situation (e.g., your pets hate your foster dog or the foster is not house-trained), then you should not foster.  Please ask about other ways to volunteer!

_____  I agree to bring my foster dog to veterinary appointments and adoption events as requested.

_____  I understand that my foster dog might need to be isolated away from my other pets for health or safety reasons. 

_____  I understand that if I wish to adopt my foster dog, I must fill out an adoption application and be approved.  Approval to foster does not guarantee approval to adopt. 

_____  I understand that if I decide to adopt my foster dog, I must pay the applicable adoption fee.  (This is necessary to help defray the cost of medical care, food, and other needs.) 

_____  I understand that any potential adopters must fill out the application and be approved by the sponsoring rescue, even if they are relatives or friends of mine.  (We encourage you to advertise and advocate for your foster dog– your contacts can be great potential adopters!  But please make sure that they understand that they must go through the application process.)

All of the information I provided in this application is true and correct. If any of the information changes, I will advise you promptly.

_______________________________          __________________________________
Signature                                                         Printed Name

Please return this application to  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. You can expect to hear from us within 72 hours regarding the next steps.   THANK YOU!

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