Adoption Application


The information given here is confidential and will only be used for adoption purposes.  For more information, please contact us at  

Before you start, please make sure you are eligible to adopt.  You must:
1.  Be at least 18 years old.
2.  Have identification showing your present address.
3.  Have the consent of all adults living in your household.
4.  Own your own home or have the owner/landlord’s consent.




Driver’s License state/number:                                   Date of birth: 

Spouse/partner/roommate name:                                                                                            

Driver’s License state/number:                                   Date of birth: 


City:                                                                            State/Zip:

Primary Phone:                                                            Alternate Phone:

Email Address:

Employer:                                                                    Phone:


1.  Personal reference #1 and phone number: ___________________________________

2.  Personal reference #2 and phone number: ___________________________________

3.  Veterinarian name and phone number: ______________________________________


Where do you live (house, apartment, etc.)?

How many adults live in the home where this dog will be? 

Ages of any children who live in the home or visit frequently: 

If you have a backyard, what kind of fence do you have?

If you have a pool, is there a fence around it?

Do you own, rent, or live with relatives/friends?

If you rent:
Landlord name and phone: ________________________________________

Does your landlord require a pet deposit?    Yes   No    If yes, have you paid it?   Yes  No

Does your landlord have weight or breed restrictions?  Yes   No      If yes, explain:


Please list all animals living in your home, including small pets like rabbits or hamsters and also livestock such as chickens, horses or goats.

Name               Species            Age     Years Owned       Where is the pet kept?       Neutered?

If any dogs or cats are not spayed or neutered, please explain why

Are your pets up to date on shots?  Yes  No  If not, explain: _________________________

Do your pets have any health or behavioral problems?  Explain the issue and how you are addressing it.  This information will help us make a good match.

Have you had any other pets in the past (as an adult)?    If yes, what happened to them?


How many hours each day will this dog be without human company?

Where will this dog stay while you are gone each day?

Where will this dog sleep?  

What sort of training do you plan/ are you willing to provide for this dog? (crate training, house training, obedience classes, etc.) 

How do you plan to exercise this dog? 

Where will your new dog go when you travel? 

What would you do if your dog destroyed expensive shoes, furniture, etc.?

How do you feel about crate training? 

Do you have any training or behavior questions you’d like to address in the adoption process?


We do a home visit as well as reference and landlord check.  For most Gainesville area adopters, we do the home visit at the time we drop off the dog for the trial week.  For out of town adopters, we will arrange for a trusted volunteer to do the home visit.  We do out of state adoptions only in exceptional circumstances (e.g., the dog has special needs or is going to be trained to be a service or therapy dog).  We will not adopt “pit bull” type dogs to residents of Miami-Dade County.


We want every adoption to be a good match.  To that end, all adopters have a trial week, starting the day they receive the dog in their home.  At the end of the week, we will ask you to confirm whether or not you wish to finalize your adoption. If you would like more time, please ask. If you choose not to finalize after the trial week, you must return the dog and we will return your fee.  Once you finalize the adoption, no fees will be reimbursed, even if you return the dog later.  If you cannot keep your dog at any time, you must return him/her to POPB.

After finalizing the adoption, you are entitled to a free initial examination at one of our participating veterinary clinics.  We will also provide you with all the dog’s veterinary records and transfer the dog’s microchip information to you.


Please read this carefully.  Please initial each item to indicate your agreement with the following statements and your promise to fulfill these commitments.  This is a legally binding contract with Plenty of Pit Bulls (POPB). 

I will provide proper veterinary care for my dog, including keeping him/her up to date on all required vaccinations and on monthly heartworm preventative.  ________

I will not leave my dog chained, tethered, or penned without direct supervision other than for very brief periods (no more than 30 minutes daily).  ________

I will keep my dog’s microchip updated and also notify POPB of my new address and phone number(s) whenever I move. ________

I understand that it may take days or even weeks for my new dog to adjust to my home AND for my current pets to adjust to your new dog.  I will ask POPB for training and behavior help if I need it at any time.  ______

If I cannot keep this dog at any time (before or after the adoption is finalized), I understand that I MUST return him/her to Plenty of Pit Bulls.  I may NOT take him/her to a shelter.  If I find a new home for my dog, the new adopter must apply to and be approved by POPB.  ________

I understand that once I have finalized the adoption (after the trial period), the adoption fee will not be reimbursed even if I return my dog at a later date. _________

Adopter Signature: ____________________________        Date:  _____________

Adopter #2 Signature: ____________________________   Date:  _____________

Adoption finalized:  Date ___________

POPB Signature: ____________________________           

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